Luis Maluf

Apolo Torres

Born May 2nd 1986 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Painter and muralist, graduated in Industrial Design at Mackenzie University, in São Paulo, and studied painting at the School of Visual Arts, in New York.

His work dialogues with classical painting, street art and contemporary art.

With solo shows in Brazil, Italy and United States, and participations in festivals and collective shows in various countries, Apolo appears as a great exponent of Brazilian contemporary muralism.

 Scenes of everyday and urban life, subjectivities and  strong technical skills, can be seen at the work created by Apollo Torres.

The figures that overlaps complementing itself,

juxtaposing yet sometimes conflicting.

Using the perspective in a way that a vertical plan become an space open for interpretation .

His oversized murals in big cities it is an important part of his work,  through the creations in public spaces the artist affect ourselves through the imaginary in a very subtle way .

Using light and shades the artist create the images depicted on his work with incredible realism .