Luis Maluf

Flavio Rossi

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University PUC-Campinas, Rossi began to draw encouraged by the father which was a designer. He worked as an illustrator and caricaturist, illustrating several magazines in Brazil, among them: Superinteressante, Exame, Você S / A, Veja, Playboy, Scoreboard, VIP, Dear Friends, Health, Corporate Info, Strange World, Earth, among others.

He also worked for the newspapers Correio Popular (Campinas), Diário do Povo (Campinas), Agora São Paulo (SP), Folha de São Paulo (SP) and O Pasquim21 (RJ) newspaper edited by Ziraldo one of the most famous cartoonist in Brazil.

He has received numerous awards at national and international Humor Salons, among them the Latin American Humor Salon of Piracicaba, International Salon of Humor of Piracicaba, International Salon of Humor of Piauí, Salon carioca of Humor, International Salon of Humor of Pernambuco, Hall of Humor of Caratinga-MG, Salon of Humor of Montes Claros, International Salon of Humor of Volta Redonda, besides the Biennial of Humor of Cuba.

In 2016 Rossi worked in a project with Ron Wood member of the  Rolling Stones. The project was the creation of mural that they did as a collaboration which became a documentary created by BBC of London.