Flávio Rossi

Karin Maraney (Agora gallery –Chelsea NY)

Press Release:

Flavio Rossi’s particular brand of surrealism is rooted deeply in an interrogation of perception and time. Rossi paints, in acrylic on canvas, the “plastic construction” of daily life, with an eye to how the world constantly changes and develops. This movement manifests itself through the human body. Figures and faces float or nest in each other. Body parts disassociate and lively facial expressions exist at complete odds with what the figure is actually doing. Rossi keeps a handle on the whirlwind energy by painting in an extremely clean, naturalistic style – though the scenes he depicts are impossible, there is no confusion about what they are. He deploys areas of monochrome and riotous color strategically, and often pares his figures down to essentials: no environment, no background information, and no clothes. The emptiness suggests eternity, while the subject suggests movement.

Flavio Rossi was born in Campinas, Brazil and currently lives in São Paulo. His work has appeared in several major Brazilian magazines and newspapers, and he has exhibited around Brazil as well as in England.

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