Luis Maluf


At 35, Gasediel sees the possibility of dedicating herself to something that she always though would be impossible: Painting. Paint for the first time on walls … supports where she create your own universes.

In 2006, she completed the course “Peintre en Décor”, of the School of Mural Art of Versailles, France.

A year later, she open an atelier in Versailles. Creating wall decorations she begin to use her creativity to test different effects and techniques. “Uncomplexed by the brush,” as she likes to describe herself, she throws herself into the work of lights and shadows. It breaks its own barriers, daring in ‘trompe l’oeil’ (optical illusion).

The themes associated with the street, the industrial world, the discoveries with the brush of Klasen, call it.

From there she decides to paint under the pseudonym of Gasediel.

In the summer of 2008, the artist is projected in the urban, brutal, metallic universe of São Paulo, a world megalopolis.

Her work becomes mature … oil, acrylic, glue and spray serve as a pretext for her art. With the solo exhibition PIX’ART, in 2011, the artist draws inspiration from the art of São Paulo’s streets and graffiti, an essential symbol of the city. In the DESVI’ART show, in November of 2012, rehearses famous paintings, mixed with underground scenes. Thus, works of geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, Velásquez, Monet and Vermeer gain interference from street art, with graffiti from Zezão, Ozi and even the cult ‘Batman Alley’.

In the DESLOC’ART show, in November 2013, Brazilian Indians appear in urban scenes, such as abandoned Bras sheds, sewage galleries and other landscapes of the capital of São Paulo. As backdrop of the canvases there is interference of Paulist graffiti and manifestations of street art, which Gasediel likes to refer to as “hidden treasures” that she finds in the city, and recreates them in her works.

In project 3B in October 2014: the art of living beer, Gasediel was invited to leave her art stamped in beer coasters. These 1200 beer coasters were displayed and sold and the benefit was donated to a charity.