Luis Maluf

Luiz Escañuela

Brazilian born, 23 years old, Luiz Escañuela, use only oil painting as a medium,  conceiving hyper realistic images focused on the human being and their interpersonal relations.

The focus of  his research rely in the use of hyperrealism as a tool for designing a “super image” that is not hostage to its representation, but maximizes the visual experience while bringing to the surface the image of the skin as the main body of contact with the outside, carrying stories about the particularities of each individual, with the marks and expressivities acquired throughout life, and contemplating a visual chronicle of the human race as a species, with changes according to the development of the organism, birth defects and the need for the interaction of bodies for the continuity of life.

The basis of all his work is the capture of human nuances for the creation of entities surrounded by specters of ephemerality, imposition, empathy and playfulness.

Luis Maluf Art Gallery it is the first gallery to exclusively represent Escañuela’s in Brazil and worldwide.