In examining an ambiguity and an origin by way of reliefs and variations, Pezte does works that can be seen almost as a diary. At times, they seem idiosyncratic and peculiar, or come to remember typical by-products of overabundance and massive consumerism.

Working with a repetition, a challenge and a search for the whole process, several challenges can be recognized, emphasized and touched on issues and strategies on “SEO”.

By manipulating the observer in his “confusion,” he attempts to increase the dynamics between audience and work, objectifying emotions, and investigating a duality that develops through different interpretations.

His works never show a complete structure. This is not a fact that the artist / observer is easily imagined an interpretation of his own without being impeded by historical reality.

Worked as artist assistant for Alex Hornest, full value experience for what will come forward on his way.

Pedro Pezte lives and works in São Paulo, SP.

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