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Vinicius Parisi

Vinicius Parisi, b.1991

Graduated in Product Design, the visual artist from São Paulo started his artwork more than 10 years ago using surfboards as the support for his art pieces. Since then he debuted in the Art Market in collective expositions, finally having University of São Paulo as host of his first exhibition. From 2013 to 2015, also developed projects for the fashion industry, signing illustrations for a well-known international brand.
Using the feminine form and figure as vehicles to dialogue with his paintings, Parisi invites the observer for an individual reflection of one’s self. This idea is reinforced by the media that are used, which are chosen through intense search of different materials such as concrete, wood, tiles, glass, among others.
The analogy created between the painting and the support has as main objective the immersion of the artist himself and each observer that contemplates his pieces of art in a very particular universe – each of then using his/ her personal repertoire – as if it was possible to perceive and make it visible the physical state of our feelings through a material language.
“My main purpose is getting people to discuss with their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs. That at first they perceive themselves as part of my pieces – by similitude and through the shapes of the human image there expressed. Secondly I hope they can relate the materiality and construction process of my works with their experiences, feelings and utterly personal subjects.”
Since 2015, Parisi has exhibited at individual and collective expositions in Brazil and around the world.
“I always believed in art as a way to transformation. There are many subjects, arguments and attitudes in the contemporary art. My poetic is directly related to a look within, introspective, aiming to provoke reflections that may awaken possible changes.”