Luis Maluf

Vini Parisi

A visual artist from São Paulo, graduated in Product Design, Parisi began his artistic works with paintings on surfboards motivated by his affinity with the sport.

He begin to project itself in the art world through collective exhibitions itinerant in some colleges of São Paulo, culminating with its first individual in the University of Sao Paulo SP in 2012.

In 2013, he entered in the fashion market developing signed illustrations for a well-known international brand in the surf wear segment.

Aiming to expand his artistic vision and creative repertoire, the artist create his work using different elements  such as wood frames, ceramics, concrete, acrylic, tiles and different elements.

The attention to details when finishing his work shows refinement and  strength and so many other questions related to the feminine universe and its particularities.

Since 2013 Parisi participate in group and Solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.