Yuri Seródio

Brazilian artist, Yuri Seródio was born in Caruaru, Pernambuco in  1978.

Owner of a receptive and silent look, Yuri Seródio reaches the visual perception of the painting in the photograph.

In the series Paralelos, the artist presents places that house great publics, registered without the presence of the man, but dominated by his traits. The photographs emphasize architecture and perfect symmetry, with the intention of unveiling the look and silencing the thought invaded by the visual chaos of contemporary cities.

Yuri suspends the time and makes the spectator contemplate the unknown and re-signify the known. The proposal is the deepening of the senses through geometry, creating interfaces between time and space, in order that each spectator moves in front of different scenarios.

Art and life are phenomena that coexist for the artist, one of the reasons he uses the camera as an instrument in order to obtain comfortable isolation through the lens, a reflection of his personality, seeing the world with distance and amplitude.



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