On 18 June, Luis Maluf Art Gallery received the exhibition "A Risk" of Caligrapixo, an artist who is based in calligraphy pixação the city of São Paulo. Caligrapixo had its further recognized art when in 2014 was one of the 91 artists chosen to exhibit their works in the abandoned hospital Matarazzo in São Paulo, a place that has already been under Nazi. Made with roll, Capigrapixo works with a lot of overlap of spellings and their graffiti are harmonics that fit in São Paulo architecture. His work takes shape with your spellings letters under letters where only the artist himself understands the meaning. "From the Paleolithic to the present day, we can move through the history of mankind through the records of images left in the world. The imagery communication is intrinsic to man. Throughout its history, through the millennia, it registers in one way or another your route in time and one of those ways is the graffiti "commented Francisco Rosa, curator of the exhibition. The idea is to transform the gallery into a plunge of pixo where the floor, ceiling and walls are whole spraypainted and the visitor will be able to feel and experience the universe.


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