Luis Maluf


Our house does not define us. But what we make of it is how we tell our story.

Each wall is the scene of our trajectory. The paint and the peeling mark our timeline.

An invitation that the artist Apolo Torres does in this solo exhibition, for the second time in Luis Maluf Art Gallery. Conversely, he already appoints us as a visitor upon arrival and invites us into his world, home-studio, family, and friends.

The view from inside the window is, in fact, the most intimate part of this artist: his life.

We are introduced to the daughter of Apollo, Nina, who also represents the artist’s first relationship with art, the purity of ideas, the freedom of imagination, the play of light and shadow, our first drawing that forms the trait of who we are like a human being.

When painting a mural, Apollo is based on the outside context, the place or city that is inserted. On the screen, the context comes from within. Each room is a clever way for the artist to tell his memories. Curious to appreciate in work, the artist’s own studio, which was the stage for the production of the whole exhibition – the act of exposing Apollo.

Although in an autobiographical framework, the situations are common to all of us. The memorabilia is familiar: a character that resembles a person we’ve met, an object we’ve seen in someone’s house. It reaches a point in the brain that connects with our childhood, routine and with our sense of comfort, warmth – after all we are home.

The art of Apollo succeeds in this, conserves the space-time that we love. It contemplates the texture of each moment, with some nostalgia, in oil paintings with expressive-realistic style, its registered signature. Identity that is revealed to natural light with bucolic air and spring palette, between purples and greens.

The passage recorded on screen is intense in meaning, in cuts of deep essence and details. It is not just the record of a person, it is the image of a peculiar and characteristic state of mind. It is a mirror that you recognize and end up understanding better who is inside.

When you step outside, a horizon opens. Light expands like our universe. The window gives way to an infinite field of discoveries, of territorial exploration and also of daily perception.

The references are close and also varied, global. From the Rococo walls with pixo in the center of São Paulo, with a more urban aspect, far away from that inland city, inspired by landscapes that we have seen, but, again, it does not remember well where.

There is no drama, expectation of final outcome or goal to get somewhere.

Experience is the journey.

Windows is the photograph captured by our look. It is an invitation to look inside and out.

Text: Marina Bortoluzzi