Karola Braga

Karola Braga

May 18th to
July 24, 2024

Galeria Luis Maluf
Rua Peixoto Gomide, 1.887
Jardins, São Paulo, SP

Karola Braga’s next solo exhibition at Galeria Luis Maluf promises to offer visitors a unique sensory immersion. Recognized as an artist and olfactory researcher, Karola adopts a multidisciplinary approach in her work, fusing elements of culture, chemistry, anthropology and sensory science. With a master’s degree in Visual Poetics from the University of São Paulo, her artistic practice stands out for its ability to incorporate scents, which evoke memories and narratives through fragrances.

“Olfactory art is a rite of synesthesia where the mind takes us to one place and the senses take us to another. This place is ambiguously occupied by vectors in different directions. We started from an idea about the route of the incense that goes from our nose into our body. The route that incenses us. Karola Braga re-signifies the power of the symbolic by taking over the sensory field. Inhalation invites the visitor to smell the unknown and venture into its taboos. We are chemical events and chemistry is the best language to awaken us. From a displaced urinal to be sniffed, to glasses to be shared together, the paintings of the zones that emanate our deepest smells, the search for situations that reveal our permeability to the power of smell. Each line she draws generates an olfactory trail that activates a deep memory of those smells. Karola Braga has set out on a journey to map the route of human odor.” – Marcello Dantas


Age rating: 18 years