Raphael Sagarra – Finok

Raphael Sagarra – Finok

May 24th to
July 24, 2024

Luis Maluf Plant
Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, 996
Barra Funda, São Paulo, SP

In this land, when you plant, everything works!”, or Finok and the excessive diversity of Brazil, is the title of the solo show by artist Raphael Sagarra (Finok), which opens on May 24 at Usina Luis Maluf. And it is this Brazilian diversity that has always motivated the artist, inspiring him to create new works for this show. The works feature a wide variety of materials: acrylic paint, oil pastel and oil stick bring Finok’s strokes to life on once-white canvases.

Finok invites viewers to explore everyday life, popular customs, musicality, sensuality and all the tropical exuberance that characterizes Brazil.

Through meticulously crafted paintings, sculptures and installations, Finok captures the essence of marginal cultures and subcultures, celebrating the ordinary and the extraordinary that coexist within Brazilian society. Each work is a visual narrative that reveals moments, events and multiple stories, providing a new perspective on often overlooked aspects of our reality.

The “Plurals” series, presented in this exhibition, is made up of polyptychs that act as fragmented records of time, addressing themes ranging from unknown carnival festivities to the role of religiosity in Brazilian traditions. The works incorporate photographs, videos and notes collected during the artist’s research, transforming them into complex and engaging visual reflections.

Among the sculptures presented are pieces such as “Mulher côco” (Coconut Woman), which explores the symbolic richness of the coconut in Brazilian culture, and “Mulher megafone” (Megaphone Woman), which amplifies the voices of those who are often marginalized by society. Each work is an invitation to reflect on the interaction between man and his environment, between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

By celebrating Brazil’s cultural diversity, “In this land, when you plant, everything grows!” seeks not only to value the identity and way of life of the Brazilian people, but also to challenge conventional perceptions of what is considered important and worthy of attention.

“In this land, when you plant, everything gives!”, or Finok and the excessive diversity of Brazil
Curator: Agnaldo Farias
Venue: Usina Luis Maluf
Address: R. Brigadeiro Galvão, 996, Barra Funda
Exhibition period: May 24th to July 24th
Opening and vernissage: May 24, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm and Saturday 11am – 5pm – closed on Sundays and public holidays