3º Programa de Residência Artística [3rd Artist Residency Program]

Usina Luis Maluf apresenta

3º Programa de Residência Artística [3rd Artist Residency Program]

February 24th to
March 23, 2024

Usina Luis Maluf
Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, 996
Barra Funda, São Paulo, SP

3rd Artist Residency Program

Of the many possible meanings of USINA, the project for this artist residency took on the most pulsating image, turning this industrial shed into a place for energy production, a hub for experimentation open to risk, exchange and transformation.

In the first scorching weeks of the year, effective in ridiculing the fans, this USINA housed 12 artists who are diverse in their origins, backgrounds, identities and expressions. Artists with whom we, the curators, exchanged aspects of the ways and means of artistic production, its ethical and political commitment, its obstacles and opportunities. We presented our aspirations and asked about theirs.

For a month, USINA took the form of 12 spaces animated by an alternating movement of retraction and expansion, combining the hours when everyone immersed themselves in their own work, concentrating on their processes, with the moments when they let loose to spy on what others were doing, attend lectures, discuss various topics, go on tours of institutions and ateliers, venture into the old, new and ultra-new bars and restaurants that are shaking up the dullness of Barra Funda, this old neighborhood that, until the other day, didn’t attract the attention of the real estate market. Then the art spaces started arriving, full of fascinating, enchanting productions, and with them people interested in knowing how thick our time is.

The exhibition that now occupies the USINA LUIS MALUF is just that