Residência Artística


Residência Artística

Feb 15th, 2023 – Mar 15th, 2023
Usina Luis Maluf – Brigadeiro Galvão, 996 – Barra Funda

Residência Artística ULM 2023

Encourage the Brazilian artistic production, giving tools so that talents in the area can develop their productions freely and creatively. This is one of the main objectives of the artist residency program promoted by Usina Luis Maluf, which now presents the result of this interesting immersion in a group show that occupies all the spaces of the Barra Funda gallery.

In its second edition, the program selected 11 artists through a public call for proposals, thus bringing together names from various regions of Brazil who work in different mediums, from sculpture to photography, including painting, performance, collage, and weaving. Almost 300 applicants had their portfolios analyzed – a process that resulted in a multiple group, engaged with themes pertinent to contemporaneity. During this period, the selected artists had ateliers set up at the Power Plant, where they worked and were able to share and improve their creations.

With a total duration of three months, the residency provided a close follow-up of the artists’ projects and ideas, promoting professional connections with the visual arts circuit, including conversations and portfolio readings with curators, visits to ateliers around the city, and meetings with patrons and institutions. Everything is carefully thought out so that, in the end, these names can be incorporated into the market in a healthy way, full of new proposals.

Ana Carolina Ralston
curator and coordinator of residência ULM 2023

Antonio Tebyriçá
Charlene Bicalho
João Paulo Racy
Karola Braga
Leandra Espírito Santo
Licida Vidal
Mariana Fogaça
Rainha F.
Sofia Lotti
Taygoara Schiavinoto
Vitor Mazon