Finok is a visual artist, and through interventions in public spaces, Finok has established himself as one of the most prominent young names on the streets of the megacity of São Paulo. By re-reading visual elements incorporated into subcultures, the artist discusses the relationship between marginality, illegality, and social values, resignifying and bringing value to elements that are devalued.

In his paintings he produces figurative images, with popular, conceptual, and religious elements, mixed with geometric shapes and patterns that bring indigenous influences, carrying a contemporary meaning linked to borders and prisons. Her works take impulse in the color movements, sometimes vibrant and luminous, other times dim and strong.

Painting constitutes his major field of production, but elements such as sculpture appear, bringing a three-dimensionality that dialogues with issues related to miscegenation and contemporary slavery, mixing tones and different types of wood, with these materials being symbolically linked to the Brazilian cultural, religious, and popular history, giving rise to figures that have references to former votes, with inverted and modified meanings of the original interpretation.

The artist has participated in several group exhibitions in the country and also in places like the United States, Germany, Lebanon, and Russia. He has also exhibited his work individually in countries like England, Italy, and Portugal, besides the exhibitions in Brazil. Finok has also had his work exhibited in fairs and festivals and has several special projects around the world.